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Kazalište «Mala scena» Zagreb


Author Ignace Cornelissen, famous Flemish writer for children and youth,


used, as the basis for his show, the drama by W. Shakespeare, in order to

create a fantastic frame for a game on the topic of war games. Using the

story of one of the greatest warriors in history, Henry V, Cornelissen weaves

a funny net of scenes, situations and dialogues, within which the four actors

have fun, playing one of the most popular children’s games.

Author: Ignace Cornelissen

A Knight’s Tale, Episode 2

According to the story: «HENRI V» by W. Shakespeare


Director: Ivica Simic

Scene design : Dinka Jericevic

Costume design: Irena Susac

Composer: Igor Karalic

Dramatist: Marijana Nola

Translation: Maja Or¹ic-Magdic



Ronal Žalbur

Helena Minic

Danijel Radecic

Niksa Butijer