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Igor Gostuški

Born in Belgrade, in 1966. He studied music at the Music Academy, Department of Composition, in the class of V. Trajković.

In the beginning of 1980s, together with his classmates, he founded “The Magnificent 7” art group, with an idea to create new artistic music that would stand against the hermetic, conservative academism, and thus bring the audience back into the concert halls. Influenced by the postmodern discourse in music, in the early 80s he worked on the borderline genres, inspired by the pop, film and entertainment music. Mid 80s, in the production of RTB, he recorded the first Yugoslav TV video for the artistic music, and the next video was recorded for the purposes of RTB – the composition “Toccatta” was performed by pop icon Sladjana Milošević.He played his own songs in the style of the 60s in a pop band called “Love and Fashion”, and he performed together with the greatest star of the Yugoslav and the Soviet entertainment music, Djordje Marjanović.At the “Belgrade Spring” Festival in 1990 he received an award from the expert jury, journalists and the audience, for his song Never again.The “Dušan Skovran” string orchestra, conducted by Aleksandar Pavlović, recorded the composition Proiectio mensurata.In the beginning of the 90s he left for Vienna, where he was earning money by playing in night clubs. He worked as music coordinator at the “Montessori school of Vienna”.He composed music for an anti-war documentary Abduction, produced by TV B92. He composed the first theater music in 1980 – Krleža’s Adam and Eve, directed by Jagoš Marković. Selection of productions: Molière,”Učene žene”, National Theater, directed by Jagoš Marković, Strindberg’s Miss Julia, Atelier 212, directed by Tanja Mandić Rigonat, Svensson’s Klaus and Erika, Malo pozorište Duško Radović, directed by Nebojša Bradić, Wedekind’s Spring Awakening, Malo pozoriste Duško Radović, directed by Anja Suša, the Grimm Brothers’ Scary Fairytales, Malo pozorište Duško Radović, directed by Mick Gordon, Barker, ”Minna”, Theater MBH, Vienna, directed by Hanna Tomek, Schneider’s Snake Skin, Theater MBH, directed by Hanna Tomek, Ister Theater Who Ate the Pudding, BITEF  Teatar, Stojanović’s Tesla, JDP, directed by Miloš Lolić, Gordon’s On Emotion, Soho Theatre London, directed by Mick Gordon,Bergman’s Through a Glass Darkly, BDP, directed by Anja Suša, Semenič’s ””, Backa Theater Goeteborg, directed by Anja Suša.