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Milena Depolo

One of the versions of the subtitle for this year’s TIBA Festival was – If it were not. Even just the pronouncing of the words 10th TIBA means so very much. The very establishment of an international festival of theaters for children and young people, in not such comfortable circumstances, in a place where this type of theater art is pretty much neglected, shows great courage. And to succeed in having it last for ten years is much more than that. In any case, we are certain that these are only the beginnings of TIBA, and that we will have a lot more to offer. What is even more important is that TIBA has certainly made the …

Grand Prix 2012

Romeo & Juliet

Coproduction of Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and Koper Theatre, Slovenia

directed by: Jaka Ivanc

Special award for new theater tendencies

for actors Dušica Sinobad, Marijana Vićentijević Badovinac, Dubravka Kovjanić, Jelena Ilić and Ana Marković in play FIVE BOYS

Malo pozorište „Duško Radović“, Serbia

directed by: Ana Grigorović